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  1. I was at Caliber yesterday to take a couple newbie shooters. I asked the person at the desk what happened and didn’t really expect an answer. The response I got was.  “Everyone is fine and don’t believe what you read on social media.” I pressed politely and got nothing, don’t blame them but still curious if this was a reholster issue or something else.

  2. Our (Wife and I) FOID renewal letters showed up this year weeks apart, but our cards have the same date.

    When we renewed our passports we spent extra money for mine to be expedited in case of a need for work, you pay extra and send the application priority mail as well. My passport showed up two days before hers and that was basically due to the expedited shipping, they shook me down for extra money to avoid a potential delay.


    When we renewed our TSA pre they processed my app quickly without any further requirements, they made her go in for another interview.

    I gave up trying to figure this stuff out.

  3. I would suggest buying new. No telling what someone has done to their AR, especially if they are looking to sell it. You can get a SW or Palmetto State Armory in your budget. If you want to go up a bit American Defense in WI makes awesome rifles. 

  4. I had a similar experience also at the VanGogh this fall. Couldn’t find street parking after seeing they were wanding so went to the valet. Both our Highlander and Fusion have glove box keys, so I just locked it up and gave the valet the FOB only. Funny thing is I had my knife in my front pocket. When they asked us to empty pockets I held my hands up with wallet and key hiding the knife as best I could. They wanted my torso and sent me in. 

  5. For 9mm a Lee Pro is a good starter at a reasonable price. Dillon is definitely better, but much more expensive. I started on a Lee Pro and ran 1000’s of 9mm through it before switching to Dillon. If you are going to load 45 or rifle in volume I would suggest the Dillon 750 or 550. If just 9, the Lee progressive is a good starter if you don’t mind a little tweaking to get it humming.



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