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  2. Answering yes to any of the mental health questions in the application process is an automatic denial. The questions are: Within the past 5 years (preceding the date of this application), have you been a patient in a mental institution or any part of a medical facility for the treatment of mental illness? Have your ever been adjudicated by a court as a mental defective or ordered by a court, board or authorized entity to an in-patient or out-patient mental health? Are you intellectually or developmentally disabled? If you answered yes in error, you can submit a request for correction. Going to a therapist and being on medication does not always mean treatment for mental illness. The definition of mental illness in Illinois Statute is: (405 ILCS 5/1-129) Sec. 1-129. Mental illness. "Mental illness" means a mental, or emotional disorder that substantially impairs a person's thought, perception of reality, emotional process, judgment, behavior, or ability to cope with the ordinary demands of life, but does not include a developmental disability, dementia or Alzheimer's disease absent psychosis, a substance use disorder, or an abnormality manifested only by repeated criminal or otherwise antisocial conduct. (Source: P.A. 100-759, eff. 1-1-19.)
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  4. Hi Molly, I was hoping you would have some advice on my situation. I just checked my FOID application to see that is was denied. However as far as I can tell, there is no reasoning given on the application portal and when I tried calling the number on the State Police website it does not go through. My only guess would be that is has something to do with the mental health question as I have been to a therapist / on medicine at some point in the last 5 years. Is this something that you have seen before? Thanks for you help, Andrew
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  6. I said LOCAL POLICE FACILITY..not ISP Every city/township has them... You know..you may have called one if you witnessed a car accident and needed help... Just sayin'...(again)
  7. Interesting. I was already signed up for this service but basically never look at the mail section (I just check the package section). Sure enough on Wednesday it showed a envelope from the ISP was scanned. I have yet to actually get that piece of mail yet. Since yours was delayed until getting it, I will give it up to a week to see if it shows up. Stay tuned…
  8. Wasn't that one of the anti-2A bills last year? Applicants, including renewals, had to apply at ISP offices. Online was to be eliminated. Now they've made you think it was YOUR idea.
  9. I had a thought!!! Perhaps if, in such a situation, a law abiding citizen visited their LOCAL police facility...was then able to confirm and identify... Said local police service can send a verification notification to the state. At which time the state quickly confirms within 24-48 hours. Optionally....for the uber paranoid....The verify-ee can be given a verification-verification code to verify that that have been verified... Wait... What the HECK am I talking about?!??! I'm sorry...I apologize to the state of IL for 'thinking' about a possible rational solution. Perhaps if I think of something that pays off some cronies.......(?)
  10. Curious to see if there are actually any proof sources that have actually successfully received their CCL while holding a MMC? If you're not comfortable posting here you can send me a message and I won't share the info. Thanks.
  11. Saddly this is the result of the state police thinking they needed to tighten security. If Molly can not help we are sending people to our locsl state rep office. The girls in the office have a contact at the state police. I do not know if all reps are helping their constituents.
  12. Wife forgot account and password. Started a new account and was told to contact them for verification and can’t get any answer either by e-mail or phone. We need some help.
  13. Hey I appreciate the offer, very kind of you but I found out that I can take day 2 of the class at Shoot Point Blank for $99. Thank you again for the offer.
  14. We compute and crunch data, a little web is necessary unfortunately but thankfully not much. Everything is a container now...
  15. Do the words IllinoisCarry that you see look like this? The Activity link is right below them.
  16. Mauserme, I don't see the IC logo. I don't see activity, my activity , view new content nor stream options. I see the words Illinois Carry.com in the upper left corner.
  17. Linux web servers? Please tell apache/tomcat to stop screwing around with the conf file syntax/params (tomcat 9.0 +) 😁
  18. We manage a lot lof machines, it's 1 admin to 5,000 linux boxes and 1 admin for 50 windows boxes, if you want to start virus and !~@#()up problems, the numbers are monumental. We probably shouldn't start a windows/linux war but 90%+ web servers and large computing farms aare linux, a mostly a free one. If you are gaming stick with your windows box. Once you go MAC you never go back for a laptop.
  19. See if this helps: Click Activity (under the IllinoisCarry logo) Click My Activity Streams Click View New Content Click Stream Options (to the far right) Click Set as you defualt stream
  20. If you are a qualified customer - The CMP ships to Chicago, just received some ammo for a Garand. I didn't see them listed on the 1st page list, so apologies if this is repeat info? Civilian Marksmanship Program eStore (thecmp.org)
  21. Congrats on the card activation! There is an application available from the United States Postal Service that can allow you to track regular mail that is to be delivered to your residence. It is called informed delivery, and is available here https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action. With my renewal, the card was "scheduled" to be delivered on a Wednesday, and I got in on a Friday. If I did not get it on Friday, I had enough information (including a picture of the envelope) to initiate a claim with the USPS, as well as (if it was lost), documentation for the Illinois State Police to show that it was lost in the mail.
  22. For some reason I don't have new content to click on. It had been at the upper right hand corner of the page when I got on the forum, now it is gone
  23. In your inquiry, did you include the names of dr/facilities who would be sending documents? These types of appeals seem to be taking about 6-8 months.
  24. I can't believe the day finally came. Made it to 558 days (applied 3/8/2020). Finally showing up as active, I do not have the card in hand yet. Per Illinois Statute, renewals with fingerprints shall be issued 90 days after submission. My renewal with fingerprints took them 558 days... I don't think that statute means anything.
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