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Anyone surprised Everytown is leaving out key info on Fix the FOID

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#1 steveTA84


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Posted 25 May 2021 - 08:15 PM

Just wow. All of the meat and potatoes of the bill (such as massive cost increase and mandatory fingerprinting) isnt mentioned. Surely they wouldnt be trying to minimize what the bill actually does as a means to get more support for it, right? Never.....


#2 BobPistol


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Posted 25 May 2021 - 09:16 PM

Wait, are you saying that LWW organizations propagandize?  

That NEVAH happensTM

The Second Amendment of the Constitution protects the rest.

#3 davel501


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Posted 25 May 2021 - 11:32 PM

Everytown for institutional racism.

#4 GTX63


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Posted 26 May 2021 - 03:43 AM

It just seems like certain groups/parties have a propensity for shrinking the font size on the details of their "projects".

Either they believe you are too stupid to ask questions, too stupid to doubt what they tell you, or too smart to swallow the truth.

#5 RECarry


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Posted 26 May 2021 - 06:34 AM

meme MDA.jpg

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#6 defaultdotxbe


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Posted 26 May 2021 - 02:37 PM

They aren't just omitting facts they are outright lying. Background checks are conducted regularly for FOID holders, reducing the length of time a card is valid for won't increase the frequency of those checks

"The cheek of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly,
flat, and dishwatery utterances of the man who has to be pointed out to
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#7 mab22


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Posted 26 May 2021 - 09:09 PM

Moms demand action and every town sound what Yuri Bezmenov described as useful idiot organizations/people. My guess, opinion, and assumption is that they are happy to be aligned with, or are communist and socialist organizations that want to take down America. 

If they had any real cajones, they would want DNA checks, that’s 2021!

With all this back ground check and finger print junk, they are just being weak little window licking, ankle nipping, yipping chihuahuas!




Void the FOID!

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