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IGOLD pictures


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I am pleased to see so many women!

Not only the women but the number of parents that brought there young children was equally impressive. I didn't get an accurate count but there were probably 10-20 children (maybe more) ranging from 10 to 16 yrs. of age, as well as a fair number of college age young adults as well!!

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Now, I wonder who that good lookin' fellow is holding the left side of the IllinoisCarry Banner, looks more awake than his twin that was on WAND at 6 AM this morning! (I would like to download the three videos from the WAND 17 website(By the way, DryDock is shown here in one video as well...Great job Mr. Co-Pilot!), but I am not having much luck with it...since it does have the better of my two live performances available for viewing! Seems to be the same guy who apparently talked to a Bloomington reporter and didn't know it. Refering to us being at the Capitol as a visual aid to legislatures.


Now, I do remember a reporter from the Herald and Review calling me out by name (THAT makes me nervous!). Tomorrow will tell for the H&R. But I am seeing my name in various places already....wonder what tomorrow will bring. I seriously don't remember talking to that many reporters, I only recall two of them...WAND and H&R. Was Coach behind this one again??

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Now this photo touches on two different themes.

That is Frank Watson and I in his office. He is the Republican Senate Leader and I got a chance to speak with him for about 15 minutes. He is solidly on our side.

In the course of the conversation he had an aide get this poster from a back room.

I guess Missouri gets it - high taxes and repressive government drive taxpayers out of state.


If you can't read the bottom line it says:

Bring your guns and manufacturing jobs.


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Here goes. Sorry if some of these are big. I tried to reduce the file size as much as possible without losing quality.




The bus at a much-needed rest stop visit about 45 miles out of Springfield. Lyle (the driver) was cool.





Valinda preparing to brief the troops.





The Unsinkable Molly Brown speaks!





A few friends showed up to listen.





Everyone gathering in front of the hotel, preparing to march.





We're on the move!





I tried to get the entire crowd in one shot. It wasn't possible.











I had to scale a building to get a better vantage point.







The second wave approaches.





Anyone else see the irony here? :frantics:





Here we come!









Our rear escort. (Thanks guys)





A few more speakers before entering the Capitol.










The ladies converging on the Governor's office.





Valinda speaking to them outside the office because the secretaries were afraid to have all those gun nuts in the office. :blush:





People starting to filter into the State Library for the reception.





It was a very long day, but well worth it. Many thanks to all those involved in setting it up!

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By the way, I am stealing all the videos, audio, pictures , and news articles. Just thought I'd let y'all know :blush: Next year, we can look at the news articles and figure out which reporters to ensure we call with the IGOLD 2009 Agenda. And maybe put together a couple of pictures to remind them of the success for IGOLD 2008.


It was great seeing you all in Springfield!!!! I am DEFINITELY going in 2009, and plan to try to get to Chicago for CGOLD if they get it put together!

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Anyone else see the irony here? :lips sealed:





It was a very long day, but well worth it. Many thanks to all those involved in setting it up!

I got that same picture. Where in the crowd where you? I was in the very very back. Long haired teen in a leather jacket going nuts photographing everything.



The "troop movement officer" aka. my dad



A good "chunk" of people, far more behind me though.



The flags...



Rounding a corner, that probley wasn't even half of the march.

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Irony once more!



Irony on a new level. Most of the paintings and murals had firearms. That can't be!?! :lips sealed:



I wonder if the gunsnatchers eve realize the history involved, perhaps they just think this is a primative drive-by.



Oh no, firearms in the capital. In color no less!



This one was right next to the governor's office. no, not in chicago, his REAL office.

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Some Champaign County Rifle Assoc. members taking a rest.



After all the walking ( I only wear steeltoed boots) I was glad to make it back to my car and get home.



This was my second IGOLD and loved it. The security however had some fun with me, Honestly, My appearence would make me wary about myself too. They even asked for me to take off my boots because the handheld metal detectors were triggered by my steeltoes :lips sealed:

Perhaps I'll cut the hair and wear a three-piece suit next year just to see if security finds me suspicious again :(

BTW, I've got some videos that'll be online soon but I haven't had the time to edit them yet.

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Anstrom We crossed paths as well! You explained your research project about the historical pictures in the building. I regretted later not having asked where you were thinking of costing them so I'm glad your here. You looked perfectly respectable with the hair tied back in a ponytail.


Remember how many of our nations founding fathers were long hairs.


I'm a fellow Subaru oner also ! You probably startled security as you didn't have grey hair like the most of us! I cut off my pony tail a few years back and donated it for wig material for cancer kids.

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