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Hello everyone  I am looking for advice on my ccl card I recently applied my status changed to under board review but they just extended my expiration date on my foid card until 2034 I don’t have any felonies at all I’ve been arrested a few times but charges were dropped last thing I was involved in the law was 2015 a order of protection but was later closed by the courts and I never got arrested for those allegations by the way or served any papers any advice on how I’m supposed to go about this in order to get my conceal carry or is it just a done deal for me 

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The ccl review board will either overrule the objection and isp will issue the license.



They will send you a letter stating which agency objected and why, along with a request for your side of the story. At that point they will either overrule the objection or have the license issued. 


If the board requests a response from you,  there is a topic in the forums with some helpful advice. 

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