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PICA Hearing 3 of 3: 11/6/2023


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It has become appearant the the folks representing ISP just don't get it.  They just don't see that people want to understand the Protect Illinois Communities Act.  They want to understand and have input in the rule making process.  They want more than the FAQs, FAQs that ISP itself says are not exhaustive.  FAQs that will mean nothing for a defendant charged with violating PICA.


Yet, FAQs is all they have to offer.


Today is the third of the three scheduled PICA hearings, at 9:30 AM. Meeting details can be found in this ISP publication.


The WebEx feed, such as it is, can be found  here (password = fdHGXTNc838).  We plan to follow the action on BlueRoomStream if a feed becomes available since this has proven to be the only reliable source of audio.  As of this posting, no meeting is shown and reference to past hearings is gone.  


Fear not.  We have links to the archives:


11/2/2023 BlueRoomStream Archive

11/3/2023 BlueRoomStream Archive




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Mr. Sullivan refers to the law as "deeply flawed".


Question 1 is in regard to private security.  A FOID endorsement is not needed to possess a banned forearm while engaged in their employment, but they typically own those weapons.  Is that a violation.


Question 2:  Is it a violation to train with these firearms.


Answer:  Yes, as the rules are currently drafted they would be in violation.  ISP intends to address this with JCAR and, within statutory authority, address this.

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On 11/6/2023 at 6:32 AM, steveTA84 said:

Looks like the attorney representing ISP at these has the job cuz of her dad and she’s not listed on the IL BAR




Searching the BAR, this comes up 




But it’s not her, it’s a healthcare attorney 






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On 11/6/2023 at 10:15 AM, mauserme said:

A speaker who sounds like Darren Baily asks if they are prepared to lock up millions of people who just want to protect themselves and their families.  He demands transparency and respect for the Constitution.




This is like trying to do hostage negotiations with a rabid animal.......everyone with a bit of sense knows that rights & the constitution mean nothing to these tyrannical communists.

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