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UN’s Global Ammo Framework Worries 2A Advocates


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Since we don’t have an “International Politics” forum, putting this here:




[the U.N.’s Ebo called the framework a "ray of hope for the disarmament community and the peoples of the world who have long suffered from the scourge of war and armed violence exacerbated by the mismanagement and illicit flows of conventional ammunition."]


Yet another activist gesture by the UN from what I see and another reason for the US to reduce its UN funding/participation.

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I nice had an Uber driver in downtown Chicago who was from Cameroon. He asked me why the U.N. does nothing while his brothers have to hide in the forest to avoid being kidnapped into service or murdered for refusing.


I've met people from other nations who question why Americans would allow socialism, NWO authoritarianism, and corruption to destroy our noble experiment.

Hopefully we can attract more citizens with that mindset.


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