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Ban on sale of handgun ammo to non-residents?? Did I miss something?

AlphaKoncepts aka CGS

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On reddit people are saying Rural King won't sell handgun ammo to non-residents saying it is illinois law. One user user said:


Il passed a law where out of state residents can't buy handgun ammo and you can only buy rifle ammo if your from a boarding state or have a IL hunting permit.


Ive never heard of this.

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You see lots of things on Reddit and other spots on the Internet. Giffords Law Center (or whatever it is) does not mention this restriction. It does include this passage which could be interpreted by stores to not allow non-residents to buy ammo... how can you tell if someone is eligible without a FOID or a background check?



Illinois prohibits the purchase or possession of ammunition by people who are ineligible to purchase or possess firearms under state law.3 Federal ammunition purchaser prohibitions also apply.



I think this one has been around for years. It may be like the many retailers who will not ship handgun magazines larger than 10 rounds to Illinois. I'd sure like to clear up that one.










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Many years ago I was prevented from buying ammo in Wisconsin at a Dunham's on our way to a trip to "the quarry" where we used to shoot the morning after parties. My buddies laughed at me, then said they would buy it as WI residents. The teen assistant manager wouldn't sell to them either because I was with them.

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thanks. I try not to give giffords the link juice, but they have always been pretty good with their citations, not always with their interpretations. 

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It's actually kind of comical that in 2023 many are obvlivious that the line between 'pistol ammo' and 'rifle ammo' essentially no longer exist for most popular rounds that would be found on store shelves, it's basically up to the end user if it's used in a pistol or rifle.


I remember way back when being asked a few times if the 22lr I was buying was for rifle use when I was under 21, never actually had an issue purchasing though.

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