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Question on CCL Renewal

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I have a non-resident CCL.  Never had a FOID.  I applied for renewal on 11/17/22.  Today, the ISPFSB portal says: "Your card is valid. If your card was recently issued, it is on its way to you. Please allow time for printing and mailing. Please contact our office if you have not received the card within 45 days of the issue date." 


However, the license number does not match the one on my expired CCL.  How can my old card be valid if the license number is different?  I have seen references on here to an "e-card," but I don't see an option in the portal.


Thanks in advance for assistance.

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If you're getting the new card, they slightly changed the number.  As long as the ISP  portal says it's valid then you're good.  


As far as the  E card. Log back in to your account.  On the left side of the screen you will see a vertical row of icons.  I believe it's like the fourth icon down from the top and it looks like a credit card.  Click on it and it will generate your E card.  

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Update:  I applied for renewal on 11/17/2022.

               Received my new CCL on 6/5/2023

               The new card looks like the old template, the one with the blue background, but now I have a FOID number in small print and the CCL indicator is yes.  I don't understand the indicator

                         because the very top of the license is a banner that states in gold letters "Concealed Carry License"

              I still don't have an "E-card"  Probably because I'm a non-resident.

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