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Hello all,

Long time reader first time poster. I apologize if this has been asked before. I did look through the forums a bit and saw a lot of questions regarding how long it takes to actually get a concealed carry license. My question is concerning the verification queue. I submitted my application and paid the fee beginning of May. I submitted without prints. I realize it's a long process but does anyone have any idea how long the verification queue portion lasts? Every time I check it says they haven't reviewed anything it's still in the verification queue. I was just wondering if that part typically lasts for several weeks or longer.

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When you apply, ISP notifies law enforcement agencies that you have applied, then sticks your application on a virtual shelf and doesn't touch it for at least 30 days to see if anybody objects to you having a carry license.


If no one objects, then they take it off the shelf and put it on the bottom of the pile of things to get processed.


If it ever looks like applications are getting processing in less time than statutorily allowed, they'll reduce staff and funding to put an end to that.

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