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Emergency Call to Action 5/17/2023. Witness Slips Needed!


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Witness Slips are Needed



Moments ago posting requirement were waived in the Senate allowing HB218 Civil Law – Tech, also known as the Firearm Industry Responsibility Act, to be heard in the Senate Executive Committee this afternoon. This bill is designed to make the gun industry responsible for the acts of others.


File Witness Slips Now!

Detailed Witness Slip Instructions


Log On to the ILGA Dashboard


In order to avoid completing each field manually, at the top right Log on to your ILGA Dashboard or Create a New Account if you haven't already created one, then return to this email and click on the links for each witness slip.






HB218 Civil Law - Tech



Read More About This Bill


File an OPPONENT Witness Slip


Track the Witness Slips



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Done ... although they alternate between using these and the Bill of Rights as toilet paper.  We need a Democrat Voter Responsibility Act, where all the idiots who vote for these leftist totalitarians against their own interests are responsible to us for our damages.

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