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2023 Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day - photos, video, articles

Molly B.

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If you were there, please post your photos/videos.






Tom Shafer, of Springfield, front left, leads a crowd of marchers from the Bank of Springfield Center to the state Capital during Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day Wednesday, March, 29, 2023.




beginning: some state senator is already speaking

4:00   ISRA President Doug Mayhall

7:45:  ISRA Ex. Dir. Richard Pearson is announced

19:30 ISRA lobbyist Ed Sullivan

30:00  Emcee and ISRA board member Dave Lombardo

30:30 State Rep and House Minority Leader Tony Macombie

36:00 Mr. Huber

42:20 ISRA lobbyist Bill Potts   

54:20 NAAGA president Courtney Redmond

59:00 Dave Lombardo introduces Tom Shchafer leader of parade for 20 years

63:00 Dave Lombardo

75:00 Richard Pearson mentions meeting at the rotunda.

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   Now that I have been a resident of the great state of Indiana for a little over three years I do not plan to attend any more IGOLD events.  I do look here and Guns Save Life to keep abreast of what happens in my former state.  I do have relatives and friends there that I visit so do spend time there because of that.  I think my opinion is the same as many others there is nothing will come from the legislature in Illinois.  All good things that have happened have all been forced on the state by the courts.   Jim.

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I found it interesting that the Chicago Tribune printed an article about it in todays edition.  
In the past I have had email exchanges with the editors in advance about covering  the event and they always contended it was “just a local event” and that the local papers would cover it.  I’ve sent them photos but to no avail. 

Of course todays article had plenty of references to the latest school shooting. 

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On 3/30/2023 at 3:30 PM, SleepingBirdDog said:

I had no idea it was even happening.

I remember in previous years, the ISRA ramping up the buzz early and often,

organizing buses, encouraging others to organize buses and carpools.
Yes, there was fatigue eventually, but after the COVID and the gun ban, this thing could have been kicked into high gear,


Did you buy an IGOLD pin?

The ISRA seems awful quiet in general.
When was the last time Pearson got interviewed?


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On 4/6/2023 at 12:59 AM, vezpa said:

Save your time and money to spend on lawyers and the courts because that is the ONLY way anything PRO 2nd will EVER get done in Illinois again.




I have not given up hope that Illinois gun owners can be reached and be counted on to vote like gun owners and throw the bums out.

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