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Moving in a few weeks - question on change of address for CCL / FOID

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So, I'm moving in a few weeks and I'll need to do a change of address for my CCL / FOID card.


My question is:  Should I wait until I get my DL address updated before I go through the CCL / FOID address change process, or doesn't it matter?

For an address change, do they try to match the CCL to the DL?  If I try to do the CCL / FOID first before I do my DL, will that cause a problem?


Also, I just got a second letter from the IL Firearms Services Bureau about receiving a combined card.  I think I got the first letter almost a year ago and have yet to receive the combined card.  It doesn't say when they're actually going to send it, so I'm not sure if this complicates things or not.



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