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Reapplying for CCL

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I took the required classes in 2020 and have my certificate. I was denied due to a prior “violation” of requirements that held a timeframe. That timeframe is up this May and I am fully able to obtain my CCL. My question is: Because I have my certificate still and passed the required classes already, do I have to take the full 16 hours again or can I just reapply with the certificate I have and pay the $150 fee when the date gets closer?

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Here is the response from ISP that I just received in case this issue arises again:

Good morning...
       Thank you for your inquiry There is no "expiration" date on the 16-hour certificate from the time the CCL course is completed until the time an individual must apply for their license.  The 16-hour training certificate would be considered "used" once a CCL application is submitted (and approved) and a CCL card issued in 'Active' status. Even if an application is denied and a CCL card is not issued, the training certificate may be used for reapplication.


Thank you to those that responded and thank you Molly for the private conversation to assist me. 
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Ok, I’m back cause I haven’t caused any trouble in here for awhile. My 5 year wait period is up on Monday the 15th 🥳. Currently there is no option to apply and my status just says denied. Will that automatically change on the 15th or is there something I have to do in order to get that status reset so I can apply?

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Here is the checklist: https://isp.illinois.gov/StaticFiles/docs/FirearmsSafety/Checklists/Final Checklists/CCL Prohibitor Other than CCLRB Denial Requirements Checklist.pdf


Here is the appeal form:  https://isp.illinois.gov/StaticFiles/docs/FirearmsSafety/Forms/New Forms/2-713 12-20 CCL Request for Administrative Review.pdf


Provide documentation showing the end of the 5 yr period - could be that letter or some other document you might have showing the date the prohibitor went into effect?  If the ISP is still following protocols of the past, you will not have to pay again.  It could go faster but take into consideration that they will have to do all the background checks over again.

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