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Emergency Call to Action 1/8/2023 - Witness Slips Needed!


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On 1/8/2023 at 9:04 PM, mauserme said:

Call to Action

Witness Slips Needed!


Perhaps realizing just how unconstitutional their efforts are, Senate President Don Harmon has filed Senate Amendment 1 on HB5471 Ins Code – Public Adjusters. Whispers have been circulating for days that this will be a “watered down” version of the Protect Illinois Communities Act first introduced on the House, whispers meant to imply that they've relented on their infringements in secret. The implication, of course, is that we should be happy with this mess.


The fact is, this bill infringes upon our rights every bit as much as it's predecessor. The fact is, none of it is based on the text, history and tradition of a founding era understanding of the Second Amendment, an understanding still required today as mandated by the Supreme Court.


Join us in opposing this new assault on our rights.



File Witness Slips Now!
Detailed Witness Slip Instructions


Log On to the ILGA Dashboard


In order to avoid completing each field manually, at the top right Log on to your ILGA Dashboard or Create a New Account if you haven't already created one, then return to this email and click on the links for each witness slip.





HB5471 Ins Code - Public Adjusters




Read More About This Bill


File an OPPONENT Witness Slip


(use the Section III drop down to choose

Amendments to HB4664 & HB5471)


Track the Witness Slips







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