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Under board review since April, now I am able to respond. What should I say?


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I have been under board review since April and I am able to click respond on the ispfsb website. I didn't check the website for a while and its been a couple weeks so I emailed them asking for more time. It shows the reason for the objection and when/where it happened. This incident happened over 5 years ago.


 The board also requested: all mental health diagnostic and treatment records, as well as the names of all past and present mental health treating professionals.

-Does this mean everything since birth? I do not have a mental health history other than the incident they mention in the objection. I was evaluated by a psychologist one time after the incident and everything checked out. I didn't think this would affect me getting a CCL since I have a FOID already.


They don't mention specifically what I should respond with other than the medical records. What would be the best way to respond? Should I get a lawyer?


I appreciate your help if you are able to. My apologies for the super complex question. Thank you.


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