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Ear protection


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I have both.....(HL and Walker razors)

My preference? The HL's... Walkers are for friends/guests...


While they both seem comparable for sound reduction, the HL's are simply better.

The sound is better... The razors are just 'noisy'....not as clear. If you compare the two..its night and day.. HL's for the win...bigtime.

HL's are STEREO.  Wth HL's you can perceive the direction of sounds. Razors are mono.  (This is the biggest reason I dont prefer them)

HL's have removable cups.  While I havent had a need to replace/change them, there is that option(?) (Can you 'buy' replacements/upgrades? I've never poked around for that answer....)

Razor cups are not removable.


I think if you had the opportunity to try both side by side?  You'd easily choose the HL's.


The only other reason I can see to choose the razors is that the cups seem deeper. If you 'need' deeper cups because you have ears like an elf and need to fold em over..then the razors could be a better choice... :D

They are either inherently slightly deeper...or my HL's are getting old and the cups are getting smooched(shrug))...but are still fine for me..


And Yes.. another vote for doubling up at indoor ranges. 

Its basically mandatory regardless of your choice of ear pro.



Oops.... Got em mixed up with the HL impact SPORT

So...scratch what I said....






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I was using 33db passive peltors back in the 90s.   When suddenly in a crowded indoor range the plastic connectors that connect the headstrap to the cup broke on my right ear and my earpro came off.  

I was not doubling up. 


In the middle of the night all I hear is EeeeeEeeeeeoooooooooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeeee

The Walkers Razors will work okay and I've used those, but if you have a bigger budget go with the Axil TRACKR electronic.  


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On 11/14/2022 at 12:52 AM, Dumak_from_arfcom said:

The Walkers Razors will work okay and I've used those, but if you have a bigger budget go with the Axil TRACKR electronic.  


I won't buy Axil's because: I ordered a pair and they showed shipping as 7-10 days. 10 days came and went and I still didn't have tracking. When I complained, I got tracking the next day. However, I was ordering these for a class and they came late. No big deal, that's not the deal breaker for me. When I got them, they were defective. They amplified my voice, but nobody else in the room. If I stepped outside, the sound of the cars down the street was deafening. Something is definitely wrong with the audio. Strike 2, but I understand poop happens. When i messaged Axil to return their defective item, they forced me to pay for shipping. Now I don't mind paying return shipping if I ordered the wrong product or something like that, but they should pay return shipping for a product defect. Strike 3, You're out, Axil. 

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On 11/13/2022 at 3:08 PM, Scotty425 said:

I like the Walker's Razor slim electronic ear muffs, usually run around $60 give or take. 

I find that I have to double up my ear protection at an indoor range, plugs and muffs.

The double up makes a world of difference, indoor for me tends to be a touch loud with just muffs or just plugs.

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