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Life after an appeal win

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2018 I was denied my foid due to a felony conviction  (non violent)  from 30 yrs ago. I just figured I could NEVER own a fire arm for the rest of my life which was stated by the judge. After discovering this forum and researching and asking for guidance here I was able to over turn the denial.  Receiving my foid card.  Since receiving it I was a little nervous  like what do I do now. 🤣🤣🤣.  I started learning about gun safety watching alot of videos. I finally got the courage to go to the gun range. I was a little nervous but after a few lessons I was very relaxed. 

I finally brought my first ever firearm. H&K vp9. When I held it we felt like one. A perfect fit. A thousand rounds later im able to find my mark even at 15 yards.

I want to encourage any responsible  law biding citizen that get denied and its been more that 20 yrs to not give up. It took me 4 yrs but if I would have gotten a lawyer from the beginning it would have went fast.  I soon will be taking my conceal carry class. My wife who also has a + 20 yr old conviction is currently going through her appeal.  I look forward for our first date night at the range.

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