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Armed home invasion victims detain invader


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CWBChicago said:

A seven-time convicted felon allegedly climbed construction scaffolding to enter a seventh-floor condo in downtown Chicago early Monday, only to be confronted by a woman who lives there and then detained by her gun-owning fiancé.


Juan Gonzalez, on parole for his sixth and seventh felony convictions, is charged with Class X felony home invasion.


Around 3:10 a.m., a woman woke up and started getting ready for work in her Loop condo, which had scaffolding rising outside the balcony door. She thought she heard noises while going about her routine, but she assumed it was coming from another unit, prosecutor Rhianna Biernat said.


The woman was about to leave when she entered the bathroom and came face to face with Gonzalez, who immediately punched her in the eye, according to Biernat. The woman pushed back, fell to the ground, and began fighting Gonazlez while yelling for her still-sleeping fiancé.


He pushed Gonzalez off the woman and told her to get his gun. She did. And they both held Gonzalez until Chicago police arrived.


Assistant Public Defender Patrick Shine said Gonzalez, 42, is a high school graduate with a 15-year-old child.



7 previous felony convictions

7th floor condo

And what?


What am I missing? Aren't there supposed to be three 7s?

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On 11/8/2022 at 10:02 AM, vito said:

No one would doubt that a citizen would be in fear for their life just on the basis of someone breaking into their home. Had the fiance shot and killed the thug it would have been a clear case of self defense and would have been a boon to society. 


You forgot that this was in C(r)ook County/Chicago.  Self defense is "frowned" upon.

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