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Wolff springs durability


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I bought a set of 3 recoil springs for a pistol a little while ago.


I put one, which seemed fine new, into the pistol and shot 250 rounds. The spring shortened to the point that it no longer exerts enough force to keep the slide all the way forward. If I cock the hammer, so that the slide isn't pushing against the main spring, I can easily push the slide back to the point where the breech is about to unlock. The slide stays there in an almost-unlocked state.


I put in another one and shot about 150 rounds. The spring is noticeably shorter, but not as bad as the first one (yet). Clearly the elastic limit of the springs is being exceeded by normal operation.


Has anyone had a similar poor experience with Wolff? I like that their springs are stiffer than the factory springs, but I was expecting a lifetime of a few thousand rounds for each spring, not a few hundred. I haven't contacted their customer support yet.

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I know this is an old thread, but I haven't had the issue you describe with Wolff springs. I put one in my Bulg Makarov several years ago. I've put a thousand rounds or more through it and it's as good as it ever was. I wonder if the quality has dropped off in recent years.

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