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Lake County League of Women Voters Forum 9/13


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League of Women Voters hosting forum on reducing gun violence

Daily Herald report

Updated9/11/2022 4:07 PM

The League of Women Voters of Lake County is hosting a virtual forum "Reducing the Plague of Gun Violence, Here, There, Everywhere" at 7 p.m. Tuesday.  (9/13/22)


Speakers are Jose Santos Woss, director of Justice Reform @Friends Committee on National Legislation, who will discuss efforts to get congressional funding for "violence interrupter" programs nationwide; Kris Brown, president of Brady, who will discuss steps Illinois can take to end gun violence; and Lake County State's Attorney Eric Rinehart, who will explain his office's work on gun violence prevention plans.


Registration is required at tinyurl.com/gv913.

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Iv'e seen this done in the past with the LOWV's.   They didn't allow "approach the microphone to ask questions of the experts"  from the audience.   Passed out cards for questions to be submitted and then selectively chose what was asked and suddenly ran out of time for the meeting room when pro 2nd amendment audience protested why questions they submitted were not asked.


But Watch out for manipulative tricks the League will pull.   This is suspicious timing Election year and Napierville and other citys pulling the lets ban guns sales push. They have a specific goal to their agenda. 

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