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SIg Sauer MCX Platform Question


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I'm looking for information on how Illinois law would apply to the Sig MCX. As it is sold as a modular platform designed to allow quick barrel changes meant to change the firearm from rifle to pistol or vice versa, does anyone know how Illinois law views this platform? 


  • Firearm was originally purchased as the Virtus Patrol model with a 16" barrel.
  • Secondary  purchase of the 11.5" barrel and pistol brace.
  • Would the change to the 11.5" barrel/removal of stock addition of brace result in this being classified as a pistol or an SBR?
  • If the above is an SBR, would the complete removal of the stock/brace change the classification to a pistol with the 11.5" barrel? (MCX has no buffer/buffer tube and doesn't require a stock of brace to fire)


Purchased this without thinking about the stupidity of the laws in this state...


Thanks for any insight Y'all can provide...

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On 9/16/2022 at 6:09 AM, pdl099 said:

A related question. If you had an AR pistol (with stabilizing brace) like the MCX variant and with the upcoming ATF ruling on stabilizing braces which will likely reclassify these AR pistols to SBRs. If you live in a community where SBRs are banned, would you have to dispose of that AR pistol? 



Unless the community or county change their rules it looks that way.

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