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Cook Co awards $75 million to gun violence prevention

Molly B.

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“By leveraging federal funding, we are making the unprecedented investment needed to address the tragically high levels of gun violence we have seen in our County," said Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle.

"Making services more widely available to residents in need will not just save lives, it will strengthen our communities that have been left vulnerable to gun violence."

34 awards were given to individual organizations and coalitions providing violence prevention services including street outreach, case management, counseling and mental health services, employment support and youth programming."

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Reducing gun violence is a positive that helps everyone.  So, I think violence prevention is a worthwhile endeavour.  As long as the measures do not include additional gun laws I support them.  As I see it, these measures satisfy the urge to "do something" and if they are effective all the better.  If it can channel the attention and energy away from measures proven to be ineffective, such as banning certain firearms based on cosmetic features, I think it indirectly benefits law abiding gun owners.

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