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California AB 2571 is now law and bans anything firearm branded/related from being marketed to minors


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We already know Californa is a petulant child, but unlike similar tobacco and alcohol laws, I say this one likely violates 1st and 2nd rights as it prohibits the exercising of the right.


I will be interesting how the courts handle it under Bruen, will they make Bruen applicable to minors even though there are restrictions on ownership but generally not on use?


Licensed airsoft toys seem to be made illegal under this law since they are generally branded.


And I can see some real slippery slope stuff in regards to safety equipment and hunting gear, are kids sized ear muffs and safety glasses for example that are used in lawful hunting and shooting competions illegal now?  It sure appears so.


How about rifles designed for minors to enter the firearms hobby "safely" like the Crickett 22lr series of child sized bolt action rifles?  Is a company like Keystone Sporting Arms (and even their website) literally banned now in California because they make firearms for children?  Appears so!


Bring on the lawsuits!





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