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Baldea v NYPD - Return of property


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Petition for Certiorari said:


Petitioners Jimmy Baldea, AKA Police Officer Jimmy Baldea, American Resources & Strategies Inc. (collectively "Baldea") were the petitioners in the supreme court and the petitioner-appellant in the appellate court.


Baldea resides in New York City, and works as a police officer outside New York State. Respondent License Division disapproved the 2018-21 Renewal of (then-civilian) Baldea's Unrestricted Business Carry License # 2012112326 (hereinafter "Unrestricted Business Carry") by concluding that Baldea did not meet "proper cause" requirements needed for approval, then ordered Baldea to voucher his three handguns. Baldea seeks to retake possession of three handguns that he vouchered with a New York based Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) on November 20, 2018, prior to becoming a police officer. ... Even after becoming a qualified police officer, Baldea is still labelled by License Division as not having "proper cause." This dispute remains alive, and the controversy continues to exist.


Pro Se Petitioner

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