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Purchase limit?


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I recently purchased 2 handguns a sig p365xl & tx22, few days prior to fathers day, then guess what father day sale, without even thinking pick up another p322 had that one a wishlist forever and it was back in stock. It arrived at the ffl and then ffl said that since I purchase multiple handguns I would have to wait 7 days after the first purchase. And magically had a call from isp I was at work missed the call they didn't leave a message 217-285-9542 google the number it list has isp location to house, got me thinking was it a scam call or did magically break some sort of law or rule? Anyone else had this happen before? Thanks in advance. 

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The ATF requires FFLs to submit a special report of handgun sales if the same person purchases 2 or more handguns within 5 business days.


In your case, I suspect the FFL didn't want to submit a report to the ATF (or another report, since the first 2 handguns were probably already a report), so he told you to wait a week.


Cook County (I think, rather than Chicago) limits purchasers to one handgun per 30 days. I don't think there are any other counties/municipalities in IL that place limits on purchases. I doubt it can be enforced if you use more than one FFL.


As for the ISP calling your home, at least they didn't show up with a SWAT team at 4am (yet). They might have been curious about the first 2 handguns. That's my best guess.


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On 6/23/2022 at 1:38 AM, Mkkc1314 said:

Thanks Eular, is it normal procedure to call people after purchase? My ffl is in cook, my residency is in chicago. Should I just hold off on picking up the other handgun until the 30days. Kinda lame the ffl didn't mention. 


I've never gotten a call from the ISP, nor have I ever heard of anyone else getting a call.


If the FFL doesn't tell you that you can't pick up the pistols, I'd say pick them up. For a TX22 and a P322, only the squirrels should worry about your intent.

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