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How long do I really have to wait?

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My medical marijuana card was canceled December 17, 2021. It is currently April 12, 2022. I had a denied firearm transaction from a local FFL in March of 2022. Based on the discretionary legal presumption... I am still considered a unlawful drug user. Yet no one can provide the written statue or section that indicates I have to wait a year. How would you guy's handle this appeal? A lawyer is a minimum of $2500.00


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Me, I would wait till December to get my firearm. I wouldn't want to spend the money for the lawyer to try to fight the case now because by the time the case starts to take any movement, it will be after December. 


If it was after December and you received the letter, then I would mark the boxes and send it in. I would probably consult an attorney at that point. 


Just because the Government is doing something, doesn't mean it is legal. The question becomes how much is it worth to you to fight the battle against it? 

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Do you have a valid FOID card?


If you do , have you thought about buying a firearm from an individual? 

IANAL but if the seller runs your FOID through the ISP and it comes back as valid it would be a legal sale. 

It might be worth pursuing. 

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FOID is good for two more years before expiration. A FTF transfer is a great option as you seem to be in a hurry. Lots of “new” guns come up for sale right here on IC. Then after December with a full year left on the FOID you can address this issue head on with having followed their rules. 

The only part that makes no sense in today’s system is you had and listed a medical card. And yet everyone else in Illinois is doing what you are doing “without” a card and just not bringing it up. Good Luck and scratch that itch with a FTF from some here or someone you know!

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