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Emergency Call to Action - Witness Slips Needed Immediately!


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It's all to common in the Illinois legislature. Those opposed to our rights wait until the last minute to introduce and try to pass their anti-gun bills. They try to give us as little opportunity to voice opposition as they can.


Going against a centuries old tradition of individuals making their own firearms, Senate Amendment 2 on HB4383 Utilites - Certified Mail fabricates a definition of "ghost guns", then bans them.


Join us in opposing this legislative NOW!  The bill is posted to committee this afternoon.



HB4383 Utilities Certified Mail





Read More About This Bill


File an OPPONENT Witness Slip


Track the Witness Slips


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Question: Is Tanya Schardt really supposed to be filing witness slips for Illinois state bills when she's apparently not even a citizen of the state? That doesn't seem right.

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Props to ILCarry. You all were on this. Where was the ISRA email blast? If I missed it, please correct me.....


wouldn't have mattered much though. We all know the IL dems listen to the minority (their activists and the lobbying groups), not what most people show up want and actually make their voice/position heard 

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