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Question about FOID expiration

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Pardon my entrance here. Looking for info on this topic and found this post.

I just checked mine first time this year. 

My FOID card has 11/1/22 expiration on it, my CCL has 12/11/23 printed on it.

My ISP dashboard shows 12/11/23 for both. That is an update since last I looked in 2021.

Does this mean my FOID is valid even though it will show expired this year

and is there anyway I can get an updated FOID early so I can use it on line. Vendors don’t care what the website shows, only what's on the FOID.

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All FOID cards were updated to match your CCL expiration starting on Jan 1, 2022. Any new FOID cards issued going forward will be the new combo FOIC/CCL and will not have a expiration date printed on the card. The FOID is good for 10 years and the CCL for 5. Anytime you renew your CCL the FOID will be auto renewed for 10 years. You will not be able to get a card with expiration date printed on it.



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