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Luce v Kelly - Delayed CCL issuance


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I didn't see a separate topic for this case. The complaint was filed last year, 5 March 2021. Since then, the individual plaintiffs have received their CCLs. In January 2022, the judge denied a motion for injunction and dismissed plaintiffs other than the SAF and ISRA.



Opinion said:

... Plaintiffs Nicholas Luce, Joseph Stacho, David Rice, Jerry Robinson, the Illinois State Rifle Association, and the Second Amendment Foundation, Inc. claim that the State of Illinois has violated their Second and Fourteenth Amendment rights by failing to issue their concealed weapon licenses within statutorily-set time periods and sue for injunctive, declaratory, and monetary relief. ...


... The individual Plaintiffs -- Luce, Stacho, Rice, and Robinson -- are hereby dismissed; their requests for injunctive and declaratory relief are moot and the Eleventh Amendment bars their request for money damages. The organizational Plaintiffs -- ISRA and SAF -- remain in this suit, as they have established Article III standing at the pleadings stage. Defendants are directed to answer the complaint by February 11, 2022.


On 10 February the ISP requested until February 21 to file its answer. The ISP filed its answer on February 22.

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