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Disable "new device login" emails?


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I can set my alert preferences for everything except that... No other site I frequent does these alerts and they are most definitely not required.

I always delete cookies at the end of my session. That's how it is and will be. I will put a bogus email in. If that gets me locked out, oh well. The site isn't what it used to be. My visits have gone from daily to weekly to monthly to...
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We had a couple members report unauthorize logins to their accounts last August/September.  They were able to catch them because of the new login alerts.  In both cases weak passwords were involved, but the upgrade has given us the ability to see that our security was being tested shortly after we installed the new software.


Strong passwords are still going to be the primary defense.  The login notifications continue to serve a purpose, however.  We enforce strong passwords on new accounts and password changes but there are still weak ones out there.

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