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Time to renew Instructor Credentials


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Just a reminder to Instructors.



Time to renew my NRA Instructors credentials and also to update them with the Illinois State Police.


Be sure to email the updated credentials to ISP.Instructor.Docs@illinois.gov


They sent me back an email confirming that they had gotten them and updated the system.



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So I went to change my address and remembered this thread. I searched the site and, of course, found nothing.


So sent my credentials attached to a polite email suggesting adding an "update credentials" option, as the only items we have are change address/phone #, change user ID or business name or cancel certificate. 


I sent them to ISP.Instructor.Docs@illinois.gov, ISP.AskFOIDandCCL@illinois.gov, ISP.CCW.Illinois@illinois.gov, and CCW_Illinois@isp.state.il.us. 


So far CCW_Illinois@isp.state.il.us - bounced, even though I've received mail from them before.


Just got this:




From: ISP.AskFOIDandCCL@illinois.gov


This is an automatic email response to let you know that your email was delivered.  We have limited staff responding to emails, so please read below to find the answers to many commonly asked questions. <snip>



Will update if I hear anything.

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