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WA State House Votes to Ban Mags over 10 Rounds


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Late last night, it looks like the WA State House passed the bill and sent it to the governor's desk to be signed.


KING5.com: Ban on sale of high-capacity magazines passes state House, moves to Gov. Inslee's desk.

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The bill authors wrote they are not attempting to pass an outright ban, but instead they only intend to limit the sale or transfer of large-capacity magazines, allowing those who previously owned or inherit large-capacity magazines to keep them.


I'd start buying now if I lived in WA state.




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On 3/5/2022 at 6:27 PM, Bubbacs said:

Violating the law could result in a gross misdemeanor.


And by gross that would be what? Covered in snot? Possibly with a picture of AOC on the sides? Cause we all know that all us republicans want to sleep with her, right?

I gots dat reverse Catherine the Great thing going on.  Love chics with horse faces!!  I hope AOC's dentist doesn't charge for cleanings by the inch!

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