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ISRA Witness Slips Spring 2022


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It's time for plain speaking, to call things the way they are.


This will evolve over time. As new bills are posted to committee hearings, as witness slips are filed, some of those slips will be included here as a means to shed some light on the problem we have in this state.


Take for example HB3144 Lost & Stolen Firearm – Penalty, a bill to cast victims of gun theft as the victim of the state legislature as well. Sponsored at this writing by well known anti-gun Representatives Mayfield and Stoneback, IllinoisCarry firmly opposes it. We've including it and similar bills from General Assemblies of the past in many Calls to Action.


Yet we see a neutral witness slip filed by a group that claims to defend our rights:





We oppose it. They, unfortunately, do not.


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The ISRA has abdicated its position as the defender of our civil rights. They pick and choose proposed laws that only they assume are best for us. They do that for hidden, unarticulated reasons and then claim they do it because we, the members, could never understand the problems of Illinois politics. No one selected or elected them to do that. They appear to act only for their own benefit. They have never solicited opinions and have scoffed at those who have tried to contribute ideas. They have created a closed administration for the association and plan to keep it that way. This is the second incident of their usurpation of the member's desires.  It is time for change at the ISRA. 

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So if you don’t have a valid FOID then the law doesn’t apply? 
Am I reading this correctly?


If a person who possesses a valid Firearm Owner's 

9Identification Card and who possesses or acquires a firearm 

10thereafter loses the firearm, or if the firearm is stolen from 

11the person, the person must report the loss or theft to the 

12local law enforcement agency within 72 hours after obtaining 

13knowledge of the loss or theft.


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