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Text and Email message from ISPFSB concerning FOID renewal

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I just received a text and email message with the following " Your Illinois Firearms Owner's Identification card will expire on 4/1/2022 (90 Days). Please log into your Applicant Portal Dashboard to renew. If you have not logged on to the website since March 2015, you are considered a "New User". You will need to click on Register Now to create a User ID and Password."  I have been following Molly's post on new  FOID/CCL Cards Beginning 1-2022.  I do have a CCL that is valid for another 3 years.  The two issues are one, I did not have to create a new User ID and Password when I logged on and two, the renewal button was not available to start the process.  The information from Molly's post indicates that I will receive a combination FOID/CCL card at no cost.  My question is -- will the FOID/CCL require me to log on to ISP when and if the renewal button appears or will the new card be sent to me automatically?


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I am not clear about the transition period. I interpret the new law to extend the foid expiration date out to your ccl expiration date. At renewal of ccl we  pay  the foid $10.00 fee on top of the $150.00 ccl fee. The renewed card will be combined foid and ccl.

The state not putting an expiration date on a foid card whose holder does not possess a ccl will likely put that individual in jeopardy due to him forgetting the expiration date.

Am I wrong on this?


I too am having trouble with autocorrect changing foid and ccl. I proof and correct to then find autocorrect undid my corrections. Not sure how this will post.

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Thank you to those who responded.  I logged in to the ISP this morning and copied the message that appeared on the screen.

"If you were recently notified to renew your FOID, but arrived here only to find that the "Renew FOID" button is not available, it probably means that on 01/01/2022 your FOID expiration date was advanced to match the expiration date of your CCL, per 430 ILCS 65/7(c)" I think I am good to go until my CCL expires.

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On 1/1/2022 at 4:09 PM, Tip said:

One would think that your FOID would auto renew upon expiration at no cost to you and this would likely trigger the issuance of a new card.

But, then again, THINK, and Illinois seem to be pretty much mutually exclusive….


Miracles do happen in Illinois.  In this case, they did think.






If a licensee’s FOID Card expires during the term of the license, the FOID Card will be automatically renewed without the licensee having to pay a renewal fee, and the licensee will be sent a new combined FOID Card and CCL.

Combined cards will neither have an expiration date nor an issuance date on their face and will serve as both the cardholder’s FOID and their CCL at the same time.



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On 1/6/2022 at 10:23 AM, BobPistol said:

Miracles do happen in Illinois.  In this case, they did think.


OK. So it looks like the ISP (and potentially the legislature) THOUGHT about it. Now lets see if they do anything to ACT on their thoughts. So, for example, the FOID law has specfic language for SHALL issue for new "cards" of 30 days, and 60 business days for "renewal" cards. So it appears that by having SHALL issue in the law that the legislature (and ISP) are taking into consideration ("thinking about") the Second Admentment of the Constitution. Based on the fact that cards are not issued in the timeframes prescribed by law, its actions (or lack of actions) shows disregard for the original "thought" of the law.


The law specifically lays out the "automatic" renewal process [(430 ILCS 65/5) (from Ch. 38, par. 83-5) Sec. 5. Application and renewal.]  : 


(c) If the Firearm Owner's Identification Card of a licensee under the Firearm Concealed Carry Act expires during the term of the licensee's concealed carry license, the Firearm Owner's Identification Card and the license remain valid and the licensee does not have to renew his or her Firearm Owner's Identification Card during the duration of the concealed carry license. Unless the Illinois State Police has reason to believe the licensee is no longer eligible for the card, the Illinois State Police may automatically renew the licensee's Firearm Owner's Identification Card and send a renewed Firearm Owner's Identification Card to the licensee.


Please note that the law states that they ISP MAY automatically renew the card.  "We" might be putting a lot of faith in the ISP following a non mandetory action under the law.


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