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31 Cases Pending In Federal Courts over Gun Permits/Carrying


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31 cases total, in 7 different Federal Circuits.

Suffice it to say NYSPRA v NY case will impact to some degree every single one of these cases. Thus in most cases overturning many aspects of many of these state laws.
Once this case is decided an the opinion is released, it won’t take very long for laws to be invalidated around the country. It won’t be an instant process. But the at least the ball is rolling.


All of these cases, challenge various different aspects of Gun Permitting as well as carrying of various firearms. While some duplicate the same issues, some duplicates of issues are in different circuit or district courts and are challenging different States. However since all are related in some form to Gun permitting and to carrying a firearm in public. All will be impacted to some degree by NYSPRA v NY since that case is about the right to “bear” arms and having to show “good cause”.

Most of the cases are on Hold or pending. They are as follows.

1 other case pending cert with SCOTUS

young v Hawaii, 9th, Hawaii, on hold

Circuit courts 6 cases

2 for California 9th
Nichols v Newsome - On hold
Flanagan v Bonita - On Hold

4th Circuit Maryland 2 cases
Call v Jones, On Hold
Maryland Shall Issue v Hogan, On Hold

2nd Circuit, New York, 2 cases
Tavernas V NYC Oral Argumnts held, Decesion on Hold
Sibley v Watches , proceeding… but delayed

In The District courts there are an additional 23 cases pending or on hold. These are all at District level and have not made it to the Appellate courts yet.

7 in the 2nd Circuit, all for New York and NYC

6 in the 3rd Circuit, 5 for New Jersey, 1 for PA

4 in the 7th, All Illinois

1 in the 8th for Minnesota

3 in the 9th, 2 for California, 1 for Hawaii

2 in the D.C. Circuit

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On 11/28/2021 at 4:28 AM, richp said:

Unfortunately, the SC will issue as narrow a ruling as possible. Consequently, these and other new cases will continue to be litigated in excruciating detail anyway, because the antis will not give up easily.


Rich Phillips

Even a very narrow ruling, if worded correctly can still have a big impact. Suffice it to say, it’s pretty obvious that they will find a right to bear arms outside the home, and that “self defense” is the only reason you need to obtain one, therefore banning one being required to show good cause. Even if that’s the only thing they say. It will still impact the majority of those 31 cases. Some of the cases may still lose based on other specific factors of those cases. One case that may loose no matter what the opinion states maybe Sibley V Watches. That one probably should be classified more as a prohibited persons then as a gun permitting case.


however I admit, everything is pure speculation until the opinion gets released.


The longest time on record from oral arguments to opinion released is 223 days.

which I doubt this case will become the longest on record. Therefore we should have an opinion before June 16th.


The average time for Arguments to Opinion is 100 days. Which would put an opinion releasing around Feb 13th. I don’t see it happening before then.

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