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State's Process for CCL Renewal - Can Local Law Enforcement Object to a CCL Renewal?


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I am at the time for my CCL renewal. What is the state's process for renewing one's CCL? Do they check with local law enforcement agencies for any objections like they do for new CCL applicants?


I do not have the greatest rapport with my local law enforcement agency and they did object to my new CCL application 5 years ago. Any info on this would be great. Thank you! 

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Just my opinion as I’m not a lawyer or like other don’t know what the state of Illinois will or won’t do.


get the renewal in as soon as the portal button allows.

upload your new retraining cert and pay the fees.

then sit back and see what happens.

my guess that if unless you’ve done some dirty stuff since getting it, and they would have yanked it if too dirty.

then you’ll get your renewed CCL as all of us have.


Good Luck 

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