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19 months but I finally have my renewed FOID card!


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19 months ago I renewed my FOID card online. It only took 16 months for the State to show my FOID as "active". And now, three months later, my new FOID card arrived in the mail. I'm glad to have my new card, which does not expire until 2031 (since I'm 78 right now, I might well expire before the card does) but I'm astonished at the inefficiency of State government to handle this simple  task. I guess, however, all is well that ends well.


Thanks to Molly who made several inquiries on my behalf. I truly appreciate her help, as well as the moral support by members of this forum. 

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ISP likely discovered a 'record' of you chewing gum in 2nd grade.

Investigators were dispatched to track down all witnesses.

The 19 months was due to the time investigators spend traveling to track and interview said witnesses down.

Assigned officials had to suffer though staying in hovels such as the Fairmont, Grand Cyprus and Turtle Bay.


So..its your own fault it took so long!

Praise be to our ISP overlords!!




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