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Won Mental Health Petition and Got CCL


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Hey everyone, 


This entry is geared toward those who have been admitted into a mental institution >5 years ago and want to do the standard appeal to get their FOID/CCL.


As you know, Illinois is SHALL ISSUE for FOID cards, so if you were an inpatient for mental treatment >5 years ago, you are required to send in your appeal forms (after being denied the FOID) and have a psychiatrist send in a mental health certification form on your behalf. If the ISP receives these items and validates them, you are legally entitled to getting your FOID card. 


I was admitted in June 2015 as an emergency admission (by local authorities). ISP considered it an involuntary admission, even though it technically wasn't. Fast forward to June 2020 and I sent in all my paperwork and my psychiatrist sent in that mental health certification form. 


1 year later, in June 2021, I still hadn't received my FOID. Thanks to Molly B.'s advice, I sent a letter to the Director of ISP requesting a hearing since they hadn't responded to my inquiry within 30 days. 1 week later I got my FOID card in the mail.


I finished my CCL class on 8/17/21 and submitted my application (with fingerprints). CCL went from "under review" to "active" on 11/09/21. 


Just goes to show that even with a past mental health admission, getting your FOID/CCL is still possible (as it should be). It's worth noting that I have never been arrested either, so that helped. 


Don't give up! 

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Congrats! It is great to see that you got your card and that Molly does another wonderful job. In addition, it is good to know that you got the help you needed at the time (2015) when you needed it. Yet, I'm sad that it took such effort for you to be able to exercise your right. I think the way the laws are written discourage people from getting the help they need because of fear of losing their rights. I'm very pleased that it all worked out for you and hopefully this will encourage others.

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