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Undershirt to wear when carrying

Mike Yi

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I'm new to carrying.  I finally got a holster setup that I can use, however, I absolutely must wear an undershirt when carrying, or the kydex irritates the crap out of my skin.  I never wear an undershirt though, and I get hot easily.  So I'm looking for a cool t-shirt, or preferably, tank top to wear when carrying.  Searching keeps resulting a undershirts that have a built in holster.  I don't want that.

Do any of you have any suggestions on undershirt to wear when carrying that are cool.

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No to t-shirts

Yes to undershirts


I have one on all year long and very comfy

You can then have a t-shirt for your outer garment is its loose. Unless you’re one of those guys who always wear a smedium!


Cant remember the brand off hand, but cotton, ribbed, good length, no farmer tan lines if your just sitting around the yard.


These used to or maybe still are called “wife beaters”. But mine are all black instead of the white of old years past.

It gives good cover for the skin irritation AND adds a dark color to blend with holsters and handguns.


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