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I want to replace my old 1911 magazines.


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I'm looking at Wilson, Chip McCormick (CMC), and Ed Brown.

I hear you can't go wrong with the Wilson's but I also hear all of these are good. Ed Brown has a program where you turn in your old mags and they'll sell you their life-time warranty mags for $10 (stainless) or $15 (black nitride coated stainless) which is tempting.


Any thoughts?

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Neither Ed Brown nor Kimber Tac Mags have ever failed to work perfectly for me in any 1911.  I can say the same for, believe it or not, Sig Sauer 1911 mags.  I've had occasional issues with a 1911 not caring for WCs.  The only brand that I've seen more than a tad of trouble with are Chip McCormicks.  You should also be aware that Tripp makes welded bottom mags in addition to the 8 and 10 round Cobras, and they work very well, too.  I use EB, Kimber, WC and Tripps in carry guns.  I won't trust a CMC for that.  Only my experience, I'm sure others will vary.  My limited experience with Metalform mags has been very good, but only 4 mags on 2 1911s; not enough of a sample to opine on.  


If you're looking to replace a bunch of old mags, follow your hunch and swap them out for the Ed Browns.  Everything is finally back in stock, so now is the time.

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