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Illinois Gun Stores Say FOID Cards are Coming Through


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More evidence that the "FOID Modernization" Act was unworthy of anyone's support. These improvements come before the law has taken effect.




Illinois gun stores say FOID cards are coming through, background check times going down


QUINCY (WGEM) -- Illinois State Police said they have improved the backlog of new FOID card applications and renewals.  Releasing updated data last week, ISP noted they reduced the renewal backlog by 89 percent and the new applicant backlog by 75 percent.


Quincy gun stores said they're seeing a trickle-down affect in a positive way for customers.


"I believe the first part of August we noticed an uptick in people starting to actual receive their cards that they had applied for sometime back due to the Covid issue," Farm & Home Supply manager Leon Obert said. "It was kind of a struggle for the state to get those passed through the system quick."



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