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ISP Notification - Fingerprint TCN Invalid


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I recently applied for my CCL on 8/31. I got letter in the mail recently, dated 9/8, that my Fingerprint Transaction Control Number (TCN) was "Invalid" with no other reasoning. This also resulting in my application being bumped into the standard no-prints queue. My Live Scan vendor has told me that the TCN I submitted was correct, that this happens from time to time, and that they re-submitted the TCN on their end to be safe.


I've read posts from a few years ago suggesting contacting the ISP Bureau of Identifications (BOI). Naturally, their call center is offline due to COVID, and per usual I am having a difficult time getting through to the regular ISP FSB call center. I have alternatively emailed both, hoping that (eventually) I will get a response.


Does anyone have any recent experience with this situation and any advice on what other steps I can take to ensure my application is not significantly delayed? Or any further insight as to why this might happen?



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i have no experience with a similar situation, but if I were you I'd ask for the fingerprint fee back from someone.


The ISP thinks you haven't submitted prints, so they can require them from you at some point, for which your current TCN won't be recent enough. Trying to use this set to jump to the fingerprint queue, assuming the ISP cares to look again, would probably set your processing back to day 0.


Meanwhile the fingerprint vendor took your money for a service you can't use through no fault of your own, whether it's the ISP's or the vendor's.

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On 9/24/2021 at 2:51 PM, BigMacNCheese said:

... Is there an expiration or duration of validity associated with a set of prints/TCN obtained by a Live Scan vendor?


I've heard stories of fingerprints being rejected because they were older than some probably arbitrary age. Also, each TCN has a given purpose. You can't use fingerprints taken for one purpose, even if unused for that purpose, for another purpose.

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Update for anyone else in a similar situation:


I decided to call the ISP to verify the TCN that was re-submitted, and I'm glad I did (minus the 2.5 hour hold I had to sit through). The customer service agent was able to immediately "push it through" to re-check my TCN's validity, implying they would not have gotten around to it for a long time (if ever). The system returned Valid and she confirmed my estimated processing time was lowered by 30 days.


She was also able to quote a specific # of days which seems to imply the system already has us in a queue with projected processing timelines. She also mentioned that they have been good with keeping up with the system-quoted timelines. Perhaps some of us get slotted earlier and some of us get slotted later in the queue. I'm curious if the quote I received will hold true..

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