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Moved Away, Moved Back & No Option to Apply for New FOID


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I've always found this forum to be very helpful & I'm hoping someone can please help advise me now. I searched around but could not find advice for my specific sordid situation...


I had a FOID for many years but decided to move to Arizona in August of 2020. Per a thread on this forum, I mailed my FOID back to the ISPFSB explaining that I was moving out of state and effectively "surrendering" it. In Arizona I applied for and received an AZ drivers license.


Circumstances recently forced me to move back to Illinois (I know, I know...) I applied for and received an Illinois drivers license. The DMV issued me the same DL number I had before... same number since I got my first DL at 17 years old. 


Here's the problem: The FOID portal asks for my drivers license number on sign up and I think it uses that number to determine the status of my FOID. Since this was the same DL number I've always had, the FOID portal shows my previous card, now "Cancelled" and my previous IL address. I cannot figure out a way to get the system to recognize me as a "new" applicant. 


I sent an email to ISP.AskFOIDandCCL on 7/19 and again on 9/1 but never received an answer. I called and waited on hold for 2.5 hours one morning but I just couldn't wait any longer. I'm effectively stuck in some kind of application limbo, I think. Thank you for any guidance anyone can provide. 

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