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Did they change things as far as the requirements?


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I was talking to a guy I used to work with back in ill-annoyed. He said he was getting his carry permit re-newed.  All he had to do was go online to the IL State Police website and fill out a couple of forms for it. No classes, no shooting requirement, just update any info and he'd be golden. 


Did someone get rid of the required renewal class and certificate whoop-la to renew? Or is my friend getting hoaxed and possibly ripped off?


I'd appreciate any direction and facts on this.

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I am offering renewal classes, but they are slow because you don't need a class right now because covid is scary. The governor has said you may renew without taking the training, just go online and pay. You can upload the certificate later. Simply click next when asked for training credentials. 

The bulk of my renewal students recognize the ineptitude of the Illinois government and fear some how getting caught up and forgetting to upload their certificate when this scary covid stuff is all over. They'd rather just get it done. 

This is not a permanent change, and is only temporary. He'll have to upload his certificate within 18 months after the expiration of the covid disaster, when ever the heck that ends up being. 

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