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Concealed Carry License Review Board Denials - Reports and Trend Analysis

Molly B.

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The Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board (CCLRB) is required to provide a monthly report to the Governor and to the General Assembly summarizing its decisions. The following information is gathered from those reports via FOIA requests made to the Illinois State Police. Reports are available upon request.


Calendar Year 2016 summary:

- CCLRB reviewed 2725 objections

- CCLRB affirmed 437 objections

- 16% objections upheld

- 84% objections overturned



Calendar Year 2017 Summary:

- CCLRB reviewed 6,134 objections

- CCLRB affirmed 1,085 objections

-17.7% % objections upheld

- 82.3% objections overturned


Calendar Year 2018 Summary: (missing this information - check back for update)

- CCLRB reviewed

- CCLRB affirmed   objections

- % objections upheld

- % objections overturned


Calendar Year 2019 Summary:

- CCLRB reviewed 2,525 objections

- CCLRB affirmed 543 objections

- 21.5% objections upheld

- 78.5% objections overturned


Calendar Year 2020 Summary*

- CCLRB reviewed 1763 objections

- CCLRB affirmed 414 objections

- 23% objections upheld

- 77% objections overturned

* Possibly due to COVID-19 restrictions and Gov. Pritzker not filling board positions until halfway through the year, 0 objections were reviewed during the months of Feb. thru Sept. 2020.

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  • Molly B. pinned this topic

I geeek out over this stuff. Thanks. 

The ISP rarely responds to my FOIA requests and when they do it is many months after my request and it is almost always NOT what I requested. 


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