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FOID Address Change PLUS Renewal

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Many people who are up for renewal and also need to make an address/name change are running into problems when they do the name/address change first. This causes them to be locked out of the system and unable to access the renewal application.


There are instructions on the ISP website stating to do the address/name change as a part of the renewal process, not as a separate transaction.




From Firearm Services Bureau:

We are seeing a very large number of individuals that are choosing to complete an address change instead of submitting the CCL renewal. We are working with our vendor to shut-off the address change option when the renewal button is present. As Valinda points out, a CCL holder is required to notify the ISP of an address change - they are not completing it at the time of the actual address change. They are told they can do this as part of their renewal application. If Valinda could assist us by getting the word out to her membership that if the RENEWAL button is present, to update their address during the renewal process and not a separate transaction, it would be extremely helpful. We have two pop-ups on the application itself, but applicants are not reading. I have included one here in the attachment.




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