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Magazine capacity limits


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I recently took my CCL renewal class and during it the instructor told us about a defensive incident he was involved in (no shots fired) in the city of Chicago.  While he was legal in handling the situation, the CPD were giving him a hard time and trying to charge him with having mags that exceeded Chicago's limit.  Based on the information presented to me when I was originally licensed, I thought that handguns were preempted under the CCL law thus making these mag limits inapplicable if you have a CCL.


Can someone shed some like on this issue for me?  Did CPD have their wires crossed on this info or do it?



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If the cops seize your mags as contraband, even in error, you'd have to sue to get them back, which would cost more than just buying new mags. That's the game.


However, then the cops would also have to fill out forms and file reports. If they're already doing that because they arrested you for something else, it's no big deal for them. But if you're not under arrest, it's extra work they don't want to have to do. That's the game, too.


Some people assert that the 15-round limit is criminally enforceable despite state preemption. Some (like me) would assert that it's not. How many hours of a lawyer's time is it worth to you to be right?


Carry what you want. If it saves your life, it's worth the hassle.

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The answer lies somewhere in between here and.......


While he was legal in handling the situation, soooo they didn’t think he was a criminal and therefore was legal.

Annnnd since they wanted to charge him but didn’t Annnd they didn’t take his mags, there is no law which he broke!

im not sure but iirc there hasn’t been anyone actually charged with a mag issue that wasn’t attached to a already other event which triggered the mag question. Annnnd then, the charges for the mag were dropped! It’s the thought around the water cooler that they would NOT want to charge for a mag issue only to have it go to court and they lose. So it’s word of mouth and those that believe one way do this, and those that think another way do that.


Good Luck and Welcome to the Forums


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On 9/8/2021 at 9:13 AM, Rmac702 said:

And Cook County still has a 10rd limit on the books.  My FFL, just a few weeks ago,  said it was still legal after the CCL act.  I didn't want to argue with him.

Hard to argue with someone who believes one thing and can’t read the other thing. It’s a art form don’t cha know!

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