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Girsan MC P35 - new Hi-Power clone?


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Intrigued by a Personal Defense World article ...

Personal Defense World said:


The new Girsan P35 references the classic Browning Hi-Power semi-auto at a price that is a little more budget friendly. ...


I found other articles in other "magazines," but they are all word-for-word identical, so it's basically the press release.

I looked on EAA's site ...

EAA said:

Made with serious respect for the original Browning® Hi-Power™ pistol design, EAA’s MC P35 pays homage to one of the most widely used military handguns in the world, with its classic styling. ...

The Girsan site itself has no information on it. Nobody seems to be selling it yet. I can't find any reviews on it, either.


It will be interesting to see if "reference," "respect," and "homage" mean it's a clone or just a look-alike. The Tisas BR9 (aka Zig 14) was supposedly a parts-compatible clone.

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The Tisas Regent BR9, rebranded as the Zig 14 (or was it the other way around), is indeed a parts-compatible clone of the High Power. I expect the Girsan will be nearly identical as both companies seem to supply the Turkish military. The stainless steel model is particularly nice. It is finished far better than the FEG and Arcus clones, possibly better than some original High Powers. It has a really tight fit. MSRP for the Girsan seems to be the same as the Tisas.


I would love to find some of the Tisas "special" models!








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On 9/2/2021 at 9:06 PM, soundguy said:

The Tisas Regent BR9, rebranded as the Zig 14 (or was it the other way around), ...


I believe it has always been called the Zig 14 in Turkey, but the US importer (LKCI) wanted to call it the Regent BR9, so Tisas made special slides for US import with a different name. I think Tisas would have made special slides, anyway, with English engraving for at least the importation marks. The alternative is what whoever imported the HK P8 once did, which seriously looks like some drunk used a Dremel to write the marks by hand.

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If I have disposable cash, I will probably pick up the Girsan and the new improved Tisas Zig 14 should they actually be available here. If they are as nice as my SS Regent BR9, both would be nice additions. 

I still need to find a pre-war model, a ‘60s Pre-T and a T-series, a nice C series and something from from 2010 or after to complete my “decades” collection. An Inglis, Arcus, FM and Ishtapur are probably on my list, too. And a something from the Belgian Congo would be awfully cool. I’ve also heard about a polymer framed version from South Africa… so many more yet to find. 

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