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Offloading some items…


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Was directed to this site a few weeks ago, but finally getting around to looking around and posting.  

Anyone have any suggestions where I can offload some safe queens locally?  Honestly just looking for ease of transaction, and I know Maxon is fair, but no where near what I would prob get person to person.  Some stuff I just dont shoot, as well as I need room, and to fund other wants.  I did not see a for sale section but my eyes…happy to repost elsewhere.

I can post some pics as well this week but off the bat I was looking to offload:

- BNIB never fired Springfield EMP 3” black cocobolo (everything new and in box)

- Kahr P380 - used, but would fire sale one as I have two (box’s, 1 mag each)


I have one more item, but the awesome guy who routed to me has dibs, and I dropped the ball.  Reminds me I need to email him pictures :)


Thank you.  Stay safe out there.

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On 1/4/2023 at 9:11 AM, Cxampl1 said:

So is it 10 posts or 25 posts before the for sale becomes visible?

I’m not 100% certain, but I think it’s 15 posts. You have a few more to go! Each response you get is an opportunity to participate. If you like it here, consider becoming a supporting member… it’s pretty cheap at $25 a year and helps keep IC running. 

Welcome to the community! 





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